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All that Glitters!

Skurn's plan to infect Dink Smallwood with ponies proceeded as planned.
This adventure takes place a few years after his first. Dink is a hero, but is often not quite taken as seriously as he would like.

As our story opens, Dink has found a great opportunity to make some serious cash and then retire young. And there should not be any kinds of annoying side quests! All he must do is follow a treasure map. What could be easier? But, as usual things do not go quite as planned.
Released:May 17th, 2018
File Size:43.68 MB
Release Notes: #01 In an attempt to eliminate the "...several single lines of white text which are scrolled from bottom to top, over the scene. The scroll rate is far too fast to read. It takes about 1 second for the text to move across, bottom to top." issue the following changes were made:
a) main.c had &scrolltext added to replace the use of &dinklogo for scroll_text();.
b) All modules that used &dinklogo for the scroll_text call now use &scrolltext.
c) Some (not unrelated) misuses of [sp_kill(&variable, 0);] were fixed in dusknite.c, item-col.c and shopmeds.c .
d) intro.c/scroll_text() logic and initial explanatory text revamped.
#02 I adjusted the &lifeloss logic in item-sw4.c to be less agressive, while still keeping it merciless.
#03 I made these dink.ini fixes:
a) Changed "set sprite_info" to "set_sprite_info".
b) Changed "set_sprite_info - " to "set_sprite_info ".
c) Changed "BLACK NOTANIM" to "BLACK".
d) Expanded and corrected rat based entries.
#04 Made some changes to the wheel position logic in whelbank.c.
#05 Improved the logic in scrthole.c allowing Dink to get to the purple crystal under more different varieties of circumstances. I also made a parallel change to comments in main.c as well.
#06 Changed some of what the mayor said about his brother in mayor1.c.
#07 Made a minor change to some text in toglstat.c.
#08 Changed the editor type in en-kitty.c so that animal does not come back from the dead.
#09 Changed key-67.c unfreeze dink logic.
#10 Changed logic in highland.c to allow for a safer return to the mudflats.
#11 Restored the missing togarden.c script.
#12 Changed wording in mayor's offer to help & added a hint about magic in doorman.c.
#13 Corrected &story logic in hole01.c.
#14 Changed logic in chgoldky.c to help Dink find the chest.
#15 Added noise.c to shrub sprite in screen #511.
#16 Expanded hints a bit in item-amu.c, gold500.c, chgoldky.c
#17 Made a minor text corrections in librator.c & mgkwand.c.
#18 Changed the map bitmaps and used them in chmudmap.c & getmap.c.
#19 Patched get-bag.c.
#20 Altered logic surrounding ship movement in allabord.c.
#21 Removed dead code from muchgrdn.c.
#22 Used sp_disabled() in barteris.c for Dink.
#23 Altered logic in hole06.c.
#24 Altered logic in birdies.c and hush.c.
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