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Sticky: The Unwritten (and now written) Guidelines of the DN49StrikerNovember 22nd 2017, 11:32 AM
Sticky: Dink Chat6scratcherNovember 4th 2017, 03:56 PM
Sticky: D-Mod Creation Tutorials **TUT #44**173RobjJuly 5th 2017, 12:12 AM
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Sticky: Crazy Old Tim Plays All the D-Mods: Directory5CocoMonkeyFebruary 18th 2015, 07:39 PM
Updated D-Mod: Quest for Dorinthia: Special Edition v2.54redink1April 19th, 11:59 AM
Killing guards before getting sword bug?7JimboApril 19th, 09:40 AM
Developing with HD 1.8910bsitkoApril 19th, 08:58 AM
Stuck in the desert of Lost Souls - where is the fountain?3DinkGarnetApril 19th, 02:39 AM
Crazy Old Tim Plays All The D-Mods: Volume 2 Available Now9redink1April 18th, 10:17 PM
PcSysSpec9FootApril 18th, 03:32 PM
New Contest: Plot Twist18redink1April 18th, 10:27 AM
Dink Smallwood/Furball47daddydishApril 17th, 06:37 PM
Auto grid shadow1beucApril 17th, 09:14 AM
The Most Dink Car6LadyValoveerApril 16th, 05:17 AM
The Northern Lands: Chapter 134BluedyApril 16th, 02:36 AM
New File: Disappearing Blood1redink1April 15th, 10:35 PM
floors?9cryptoApril 10th, 11:27 AM
Games anyone?26zeddexxApril 10th, 02:44 AM
kill_this_task but from external 4cryptoApril 10th, 12:31 AM
Where's Meta?3ZeddexxApril 10th, 12:03 AM
DEV notes included?4cryptoApril 9th, 04:09 PM
hex edit maps?6cryptoApril 8th, 03:53 PM
3 words game (new)175SkullApril 7th, 10:04 PM
a small list of hotkeys for FDE [free dinkedit]9cryptoApril 7th, 08:35 PM
two questions about maps and scripts7cryptoApril 6th, 03:56 PM
question concering line returns [linux - win] and saveing .c files8cryptoApril 6th, 07:41 AM
attach_script(1000); means ?6cryptoApril 5th, 02:09 PM
dink xy?7cryptoApril 5th, 01:37 PM
extrating a var from other savegame?6cryptoApril 5th, 11:52 AM
create_sprite ? asking what the 3 number is 7cryptoApril 4th, 03:44 PM
External7MiloBonesApril 4th, 02:25 PM
variables (reserved names?) and a question8cryptoApril 4th, 12:21 PM
What's the last thing you put in your mouth27WandererApril 4th, 11:54 AM
is there a make_global_int max?7cryptoApril 4th, 10:02 AM
a few questions concering placement and pixle sizes4cryptoApril 3rd, 05:24 PM
Contest: Come Up With a D-Mod Contest52redink1April 3rd, 12:47 PM
New Files: Triple Trouble9SparrowhawkApril 2nd, 06:48 PM
Crazy Old Tim Plays All The D-Mods: Volume 1 Available Now23redink1April 2nd, 03:02 PM
Dinak main game44evalsMarch 26th, 05:17 AM
Help I dont understand how to get to world 25DeathScoutMarch 19th, 05:25 AM
dmod in Femdom12evalsMarch 18th, 02:35 AM
Justin Martin's Art4schnapperMarch 15th, 04:44 AM
More Tim4redink1March 7th, 10:29 AM
dmodding in Linux29EazYYzaEMarch 6th, 10:40 AM
New File: Dink Smallwood Icon Remade10SparrowhawkMarch 2nd, 02:24 PM
a work in progress: "All that GLITTERS" 42SlipDinkFebruary 26th, 08:54 AM
Where do I find a container for the holy water?7PaulaWFebruary 24th, 07:25 AM
New Fan Art: Dink Smallwood Fan Artwork10redink1February 17th, 07:15 AM