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Peasant Male United States
I am a writer and a business manager, as well as a former webmaster and SysOp.

I am a fan of the Dink Smallwood games and Dmods and have been a supporter of RTSoft products since the BBD age.

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2016-11-19 10:19:58
Peasant Male United States
Thanks, JustaGhost.

My issue was that Dink HD automatically installs an older version of the D-Mod from a selected list, one where the pimp never allows you to go dance. I'll always install from URL now rather than select the ones in the browse section of Dink HD just to be sure.

I beat the dance thingee, no problem, once I did what Skurn advised.

The thing about the bed maze is that I remember getting around it years ago, but now can't for my life. It's frustrating! I am getting old. LOL

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