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Peasant Male Cuba xbox
I'm simply a distraction. 
So I'm back after quite a long time away and hopefully I'm here to stay. Unfortunately my previous D-Mod project Lowlife: Bugs and Rugs has been cancelled. I'd like to say that I really enjoyed sending ideas back and forth with Schnapper and formulating a storyline. To a young me that was really one of the coolest things I had ever done. This is community is kinda cool.

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2011-04-24 22:16:51
Peasant Male Cuba xbox
I'm simply a distraction. 
Ur lucky my doctor had to amputate my legs and he used his lucky sword to it's unfair no anesthetics either

Dang metric system I'm 5 ft 7 inches

If u move to Ireland you can get free beer from my unkle to sooth the pain of course
Also we have pretty woman and are u really in a gang or is that a joke ahhhhhhhhh there goes my arms dang doc

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