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CustomFE - Stone skin CustomFE - Default skin CustomFE - Fireball skin
CustomFE is a series of flexible frontends that support custom skins.

*Best download of october 2000*
Released:December 4th, 2007
File Size:1.77 MB
Release Notes:This is the primary version for CustomFE. Note that older versions (including CustomFE 2) are available in the Versions page.

Now includes the skin pack!
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January 23rd, 2003
Score : 9.5 exceptional
Peasant Female
Purpose: This is a skinnable front end: you can use this simply to run D-mods with, but you can also make a skin for the front end. This is the successor of Customfe-100. Some skins included in this file are the same as the skins in Customfe-100. You can not use the skins made for Customfe-100 in this front end.

Installation: You have to run the programme and it then will unzip itself.

Use: The front end is very simple in use; there are play, edit and quit buttons, but that is default. You can change that if you want to by adjusting or making a skin.

Good: The tutorial gives some examples, which is an improvement over the tutorial used in Customfe-100. There are lots of .bmp files included to make it easier to make a new skin.

Not so good: The tutorial lacks the in-depth of the tutorial of Customfe-100. I tried to make a skin using this tutorial, but I did not even understand how to do it. The tutorial of Customfe-100 is more clear, although that one needs studying too if you are not familiar with programming.

Overall: A nice file, but if you want to learn to make a new skin, Customfe-100 would be a better (albeit not perfect) choice.

Remark: This front end is as easily installed as Customfe-100, but since the tutorial on how to make skins is not that good as the one in Customfe-100, this file is rated a bit lower.

Fit for: If you want an easy to install front end this is a good choice. If you want to make a new skin, you had better try Customfe-100.